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Sell:Coins Coins
Category:Deer, Goods

An Antler Antler is an Animal product that is produced by prized Deer such as the Brown Reindeer or the White Reindeer. It can be sold at the Market Stand for Coins 60 Coins or used in Workshop to make the Antler Coat Rack Antler Coat Rack.

Recipes Including Antler Edit

Recipe Ingredients Level Coins XP
Antler Coat Rack Antler Coat Rack Antler 4 Antlers Fur 14 Fur Xp 7 Coins 2,200 Xp 14
Antler Mirror Antler Mirror Antler 6 Antlers Piece of Glass 3 Pieces of Glass Horseshoe 10 Horseshoes Xp 7 Coins 3,640 Xp 24
Antler Wreath Antler Wreath Antler 4 Antlers Peacock's Plume Feather 6 Peacock's Plume Feathers Xp 7 Coins 2,520 Xp 16

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