Resource Information
Requirement:Xp Level 3
Sell:Coins 18 Coins
Turn into Feed:Feed 2 Feed
Category:Trees, Tree Products

Apple is a Tree Product in FarmVille 2 that can be harvested from Apple Trees and sold at the Market Stand for Coins 18 Coins or crushed in the Feed Mill to make Feed 2 Feed for the Animals. It is also used in Recipes such as Apple Scone Apple Scone , Apple Juice Apple Juice and Apple Pie Apple Pie.

Recipes Including Apple Edit

Recipe Ingredients Level Coins XP
Apple Butter Scone Apple Butter Scone

Apple 12 Apples Milk 50 Milk

Xp? Coins notext Coins 6,860 Xp36
Apple Crunch Pupcakes Apple Crunch Pupcakes

Apple 4 Apples Wheat 4 Wheat Egg 3 Eggs

Xp12 Coins notext Coins 500 Xp12
Apple Filling Apple Filling

Apple 8 Apples Water 1 Water

Xp15 Coins notext Coins 470 Xp8
Apple Juice Apple Juice

Apple 4 Apples Water 1 Water

Xp15 Coins notext Coins 260 Xp3
Apple Pie Apple Pie

Apple 8 Apples Water 1 Water Wheat 8 Wheat Milk 2 Milk

Xp15 Coins notext Coins 1,300 Xp34
Apple Raisin Cake Apple Raisin Cake

Raisin 6 Raisins Apple 8 Apples

Xp15 Coins notext Coins 2,440 Xp14
Apple Raisin Filling Apple Raisin Filling

Raisin 6 Raisins Apple 16 Apples Water 2 Water

Xp15 Coins notext Coins 1,670 Xp30
Apple Scone Apple Scone

Apple 6 Apples Wheat 4 Wheat Egg 3 Eggs

Xp5 Coins notext Coins 640 Xp13
Apple Smoothie Apple Smoothie

Apple 8 Apples Water 1 Water Milk 6 Milk

Xp15 Coins notext Coins 1,750 Xp20
Candy Apple Candy Apple

Apple 10 Apples Sugar 3 Sugar

Xp5 Coins notext Coins 1,290 Xp10
Frozen Apple Cider Frozen Apple Cider

Snowflake 6 Snowflakes Apple 14 Apples

Xp7 Coins notext Coins 1,810 Xp11
Hyssop Syrup Hyssop Syrup

Hyssop 12 Hyssops Apple 8 Apples

Xp7 Coins notext Coins 2,490 Xp14
Kitty Cat Sandwich Kitty Cat Sandwich

Apple 8 Apples Wheat 8 Wheat Water 4 Water

Xp16 Coins notext Coins 1,510 Xp25
Kitty Pudding Kitty Pudding

Apple 6 Apples Supplements 3 Supplements

Xp? Coins notext Coins 1,310 Xp10
Mulled Apple Cider Mulled Apple Cider

Apple 8 Apples Cloves 3 Cloves

Xp6 Coins notext Coins 940 Xp6
Raisin Fruit Pie Raisin Fruit Pie

Wheat 10 Wheat Raisin 6 Raisins Apple 16 Apples Water 2 Water

Xp15 Coins notext Coins 2,910 Xp21
Rose Hip Apple Sauce Rose Hip Apple Sauce

Rose Hip 8 Rose Hips Apple 8 Apples

Xp35 Coins notext Coins 2,650 Xp15
Teeth Cleaning Treat Teeth Cleaning Treat

Sunflower 6 Sunflowers Apple 4 Apples

Xp12 Coins notext Coins 560 Xp4
Toothie Treat Toothie Treat

Sunflower 8 Sunflowers Apple 6 Apples

Xp16 Coins notext Coins 1,200 Xp7
White Belgian Endive Salad White Belgian Endive Salad

White Belgian Endive 8 White Belgian Endives Apple 8 Apples

Xp7 Coins notext Coins 2,500 Xp14

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