Black Clydesdale
Baby Black ClydesdaleBlack Clydesdale
Requirement:Xp Level 10
Butterfly House completed,
188 Butterflies caught
Raise Baby Animal:Baby Bottle 8 Baby Bottles
Sell Baby:Coins 500 Coins
Sell Adult:Coins 1,000 Coins
Sell Prized:Coins 2,000 Coins
Feeds Required:Feed 8 Feed
XP Gained:Xp 42 XP
Resources:Horseshoe Horseshoe
Next Feeding:Clock 18 hours
Feeding until Prized:Feeding 45 Feedings
Feeding Prized
XP Gained:Xp 63 XP
Resource:Fine Saddle Fine Saddle
Next Feeding:?Clock 18 hours

The Black Clydesdale is an exclusive animal in FarmVille 2. It is awarded during Butterfly event 2013, running through the 24th of April. After a player places a Butterfly House, finishes that, and catches enough butterflies (188 total) to get all four prizes, they are rewarded with a baby Black Clydesdale. The baby Clydesdale takes Baby Bottle 8 Baby Bottles to make it grow up. It is likely to be the counterpart to the Winter Clydesdale.

Produced ResourcesEdit

The Black Clydesdale can be fed every Clock 18 hours, and consumes Feed 8 Feed each time. It will produce Xp 42 XP, Horseshoe 2 Horseshoes and Fertilizer Fertilizer.

Adult Black Clydesdale
?%Horseshoe 2 Horseshoes
Fertilizer 1 Fertilizer
?%Horseshoe 2 Horseshoes

Prized DetailsEdit

After Feeding 45 Feedings the Adult Black Clydesdale will become a Prized Black Clydesdale. Now it can only be fed every Clock 18 hours and will produce Xp 63 XP and Fine Saddle 1 Fine Saddle. It can be sold for Coins 2,000 Coins.


Mastery Amount Needed for Ribbon Reward
Yellow Mastery Ribbon ? 4 Speed-Feed Speed-Feed
Red Mastery Ribbon ? 6 Speed-Feed Speed-Feed
Blue Mastery Ribbon ? 10 Speed-Feed Speed-Feed

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