Black Spanish Turkey
Baby Black Spanish TurkeyBlack Spanish Turkey
Requirement:Xp XP Level 10
Raise Baby Animal:Baby Bottle 8 Baby Bottles
Sell Baby:Coins ? Coins
Sell Adult:Coins ? Coins
Sell Prized:Coins ? Coins
Feeds Required:Feed 8 Feed
XP Gained:Xp 6 XP
Resources:Brown Feather Brown Feather
Next Feeding:Clock 4 Hour
Feeding until Prized:Feeding 45 Feedings
Feeding Prized
XP Gained:Xp 60 XP
Resource:White Feather White Feather
Next Feeding:?Clock 18 hours

The Black Spanish Turkey is an animal available in FarmVille 2 in the General Store once players reach Xp XP Level 10. A baby Black Spanish Turkey can be bought from the market for Coins 12,000 Coins. The Baby Black Spanish Turkey will become Adult after Baby Bottle 8 Baby Bottles.

Produced ResourcesEdit

The Black Spanish Turkey can be fed every Clock 240 minutes, and consumes Feed 8 Feed each time. It will produce Xp 6 XP and Brown Feather 2 Brown Feathers.

Adult Black Spanish Turkey
100%Brown Feather 2 Brown Feathers

Prized DetailsEdit

After Feeding 45 Feedings the Adult Black Spanish Turkey will become a Prized Black Spanish Turkey. Now it can only be fed every Clock 18 hours and will produce Xp 60 XP and White Feather 1 White Feather.

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