Brown Skewbald Mini Horse
Baby Brown Skewbald Mini HorseBrown Skewbald Mini Horse
Requirement:Winter Planter
Cost Baby:Farm Bucks 28 Farm Bucks
Raise Baby Animal:Baby Bottle 8 Baby Bottles
Sell Baby:Coins 500 Coins
Sell Adult:Coins 1,000 Coins
Sell Prized:Coins 2,000 Coins
Feeds Required:Feed 8 Feed
XP Gained:Xp 21 XP
Resources:Horseshoe Horseshoe
Next Feeding:Clock 4 Hours
Feeding until Prized:Feeding 45 Feedings
Feeding Prized
XP Gained:Xp 32 XP
Resource:Fine Saddle Fine Saddle
Next Feeding:?Clock 18 hours

The Brown Skewbald Mini Horse is an animal that is available in FarmVille 2 as a prize for collect enough Winter Weeds for the Winter Planter. A baby Brown Skewbald Mini Horse can be bought for Farm Bucks 28 Farm Bucks after the first one has been won. The Baby Brown Skewbald Mini Horse takes Baby Bottle 8 Baby Bottles to become an adult.

Produced ResourcesEdit

The Adult Brown Skewbald Mini Horse can be fed every Clock 4 hours and consumes Feed 8 Feed each time. It will produce Xp 21 XP and Horseshoe 2 Horseshoes.

Adult Brown Skewbald Mini Horse
100%Horseshoe 2 Horseshoes

Prized DetailsEdit

After Feeding 45 Feedings the Adult Brown Skewbald Mini Horse will become a Prized Brown Skewbald Mini Horse. Now it can only be fed every Clock 18 hours and will produce Xp 32 XP and Fine Saddle 1 Fine Saddle. The Prized Brown Skewbald Mini Horse can be sold for 2,000 Coins Coins.