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Candy Shack

A Candy Shack is a Building in FarmVille 2 which was used in a 2012 Halloween event to make candy for quests. The information on this page is for reference only, it is all outdated.

How to use the building (outdated!)Edit

If you are level 5, you will see the following pop-up when entering FarmVille 2. Click on “Place Candy Shack” to get started. With the Candy Shack you can collect candies from your crops or earn them as a gift from your friends.

Using the Candy ShackEdit

Halloween 2012 Teddy Sheep reward

Candy Shack Menu

The image above shows the menu from the Candy Shack.

  • A - The total amount of Candy you have. As you redeem prizes, this number decreases.
  • B - The button to use when you want to redeem a prize. Once you have enough Candy, this button will turn blue.
  • C - The number of Farm Bucks required to purchase Candy.

Collecting Candy (outdated!)Edit

While harvesting your crops a candy can come with it like a glowing candy. It can be like a corn or a candy. After finding a candy you can share your finding, this will allow your friends to be able to click on this feed to claim some free candy for themselves. Once you have clicked on the candy, it will automatically be added to your candy total in your Candy Shack. candy can be earned as a gift from your friends, by asking or clicking on your friends feed. Candy can also be purchased using Farm Bucks Farm Bucks.

Redeeming Candy for PrizesEdit

Once you have collected enough Candy, it can be redeemed for some prizes. Click on your Candy Shack to open up your progress menu.

At the bottom of this menu, there are a total of 4 prizes that can be redeemed for Candy:

All 4 of these prizes can be redeemed as many times as you like, as long as you have enough Candy. Once you have collected all 4 of the above prizes, you will earn a Teddy Sheep. The Teddy Sheep can also be bought by paying Farm Bucks 64 Farm Bucks.

Comments (outdated!)Edit

  • If you do not wish to use the Trick or Treat feature, the Candy Shack can be deleted or stored in your Inventory.
  • If you accidentally delete the Candy Shack and would like it back, simply open the Buildings tab of the General Store and buy a new one for free.
  • You can only get Candy when harvesting your own farm. You will not get Candy from neighbor visits, trees or animals.

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