Animals-icon Dairy Animals

Albino Cow
Alpine Mini Goat
Angora Goat
Ayrshire Cow
Belted Galloway Cow
Black Nubian Goat
Black Pyrenean Goat
Blonde Bilberry Goat
Boer Goat
Caramel Pygora Goat
Charolais Cow
Chocolate LaMancha Goat
Clucking Cow
Devon Cow
Dexter Cow
Dutch Landrace Goat
Highland Cow
Holstein Cow
Jersey Cow
Kalahari Red Goat
Katahdin Sheep
La Mancha Goat
Lincoln Sheep
Longhorn Cow
Merino Sheep
Mummy Goat
Nubian Goat
Pinzgauer Cow
Pygmy Goat
Pygora Goat
Randall Cow
Real CA Milk Cow
Red Goat
Red Spotted Shorthorn Mini Cow
Saanen Goat
Shetland Cow
Speckled Ankole Cow
Swiss Cow
Targhee Sheep
Toggenburg Mini Goat
Tundanca Cow
Tyrol Grey Cow
White Sheep

Dairy animals in FarmVille 2 produce Milk Milk, which is used in many quests, and also produce Milk Droplet Milk Droplets, once the Yogurt Creamery has been finished and placed.

Some dairy animals also produce Cheese Cheese, Goat Cheese Goat Cheese, Swiss Cheese Swiss Cheese, Wool Wool, Brown Wool Brown Wool or Fine Sheep Fleece Fine Sheep Fleece. Most also produce Fertilizer Fertilizer which can be used to either increase yield from crops, flowers or trees.


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