In Farmville 2 there are many animals which are limited edition. They either are available for a short term or are quest related.

There also are animals which are granted by collecting items in a building like spin yarn in a spinning wheel (you can get Manx Loaghtan Sheep that way)

In this category you find the animals which are already entered into the wiki. If you find more, please do enter them so the wiki can have the most complete data on this game.


Animals-icon Limited Edition Animals

Akhal-Teke Horse
Albino Cow
Albino Water Buffalo
Angora Goat
Alpine Mini Goat
American Painted Horse
Amiatina Donkey
Appaloosa Horse
Asturian Painted Chicken
Ayam Cemani Chicken
Belted Galloway Cow
Black Angora Rabbit
Black Backed Bolivian Alpaca
Black Clydesdale
Black Nubian Goat
Black Pyrenean Goat
Black Shire Horse
Black Spotted Ossabaw Pig
Blonde Bilberry Goat
Blue Astrex Rabbit
Blue Flemish Giant Rabbit
Blue Roan Horse
Blue Winged Teal Duck
Icon chicken adult pirate-1
Bog Turtle
Bourbon Red Turkey
Brown Reindeer
Brown Skewbald Mini Horse
Brown Tibetan Pig
Caramel Pygora Goat
Charolais Cow
Chestnut Icelandic Horse
Chocolate LaMancha Goat
Clucking Cow
Crested Cayuga Duck
Daglic Sheep
Dales Pony
Dark Brown American Buffalo
Denizli Chicken
Dexter Cow
Dorset Sheep
Dutch Landrace Goat
Dwarf Lop Rabbit
Easter Egger
Falabella Horse
Gannan Yak
Goldbar Chinchilla
Golden Cascade Duck
Golden Trim Yak
Gold-Laced Cochin Chicken
Gray Asian Hairy Nosed Otter
Gray Egyptian Donkey
Grey Merino Sheep
Gray Red Necked Ostrich
Green Pheasant
Icon cow adult waterbuffalo
Golden Pygmy Mini Pig
Hainan Pig
Hereford Pig
Highland Cow
Himalayan Blue Sheep
Hooded Merganser Duck
Indian Peacock
Jacob Sheep
Kalahari Red Goat
Witch Rabbit
Lilac Otter Lop Rabbit
Mandarin Duck
Manx Loaghtan Sheep
Massese Sheep
Melanistic Mutant Pheasant
Mule Deer
Mummy Goat
New Zealand White Rabbit
Norfolk Grey Chicken
Whit-Tailed Deer
Ocellated Wild Turkey
Ossabaw Island Hog
Pied India Blue Peafowl
Pinzgauer Cow
Plymouth Rock Chicken
Polish Silver Laced Chicken
Pot-bellied Pig
Pygora Goat2
Randall Cow
Real CA Milk Cow
Red River hog
Red Spotted Shorthorn Mini Cow
Shetland Cow
Silkie Chicken
Silver-Pied Spalding Peacock
Sorraia Horse
Speckled Ankole Cow
Speckled Sussex Chicken
Spotted Appaloosa
Spotted Welsh Pig
Spotted Wooly Mini Donkey
Baby Spotted Boer Goat
Striped Holland Lop Rabbit
Sugarbrush Draft Horse
Targhee Sheep
Teddy Sheep
Thuringian Forest Donkey
Toggenburg Mini Goat
Tundanca Cow
Tyrol Grey Cow
Visayan Spotted Deer
White Babydoll Sheep
White Frizzle Chicken
White Manx Sheep
Wild Turkey
Wilson White Chinchilla
Winter Clydesdale
Witch Bunny
Wood Duck
Yorkshire Pig

Common animals can be found in this menu

Permanent animals that cost Farm Bucks can be found in this menu

Animals-icon Farm Bucks Animals
Horses: Gypsy Horse Appaloosa Horse Chickens: Hubbard Chicken Ameraucana Chicken Pigs: Hampshire Pig
Cows: Ayrshire Cow Holstein Cow Goats: Pygmy Goat Ibex Ducks: Mallard Duck
Rabbits: Sealpoint Dwarf Rabbit Flemish Giant Rabbit Sheep: Portland Sheep Cheviot Sheep All Animals
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