Hibiscus Packet Packet Seeds

Anise Packet
Baby Ginger Packet
Celery Packet
Cow Lily Packet
Duck Potato Packet
Giant Pumpkin Packet
Glass Gem Corn Packet
Hibiscus Packet
Honeydew Melon Packet
Honeysuckle Packet
Horseradish Packet
Indian Lotus Packet
Jalapeno Packet
Loganberry Packet
Orange Sherbet Carnation Packet
Pineberry Packet
Purple Asparagus Packet
Red Bell Pepper Packet
Romanesco Cauliflower Packet
Sternbergia Packet
Wasabi Packet

Packet seed are seed where you need to buy the packet with farm backs first.

After purchase you can then plant the seeds for 2 weeks (not sure if they all have the 2 week limit!).

After the 2 weeks you will need to purchase another packet if you want to continue growing these type of seeds.

Packet crops are sometimes given as rewards for quests.

Recipes that use packet crops are always available in the relevant Crafting building.