Animals-icon Stable Animals

Akhal-Teke Horse
American Painted Horse
Amiatina Donkey
Andalusian Horse
Appaloosa Horse
Black Arabian Horse
Black Clydesdale
Black Shire Horse
Blue Roan Horse
Brown Skewbald Mini Horse
Camarillo Horse
Chestnut Icelandic Horse
Dales Pony
Falabella Horse
Gray Egyptian Donkey
Gypsy Horse
Mustang Horse
Red Roan Mini Donkey
Sorraia Horse
Spotted Appaloosa
Spotted Wooly Mini Donkey
Sugarbrush Draft Horse
Thuringian Forest Donkey
Winter Clydesdale

Prized Horses can be kept in the Stable where they will produce FineSaddles.

Baby Horses and Adult horses are free to roam your farm.

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