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Deer Nest

Deer Nest

The Deer Nest is a Building in FarmVille 2, released on April 9th, 2013. After completing several tasks, you will be rewarded with an exclusive deer, the White-Tailed Deer.

The building quests remains until 24th of April 2013. The player gets this Building for free, but some building materials are needed to finish the Deer Nest.

  • Salt Lick 10 Salt Licks
  • Crate of Rocks 10 Crates of Rocks
  • Deer Bedding 10 Deer Bedding

Then 4 Neighbors are needed to hire for constructing the Deer Nest. Depending on your own amount of neighbors, you may get some filled in already.

For a visual presentation of the build process, click here

What to doEdit

There are a number of quests (12 in total) which the player has to successfully follow in time to be able to acquire a free baby White-Tailed Deer. You only can get 1 for free.  The adult deer costs Farm Bucks 30 Farm Bucks.

Once you completed the tasks, you can store the Deer Nest in inventory to free up the space again or leave it as decoration on your farm.

Pictures of the Deer Nest building processEdit

Deer Nest Start

The start of the Deer Nest quest. How can you resist such a cutie right? Remember, those are simply pixels and some text.

Deer Nest Building Phase 1

For the first phase of building a Deer Nest you need some materials.

Deer Nest Building Phase 2

You guessed right, you need Neighbors for the next building phase of the Deer Nest.

Deer Nest working

And who would have thought that. You need a bunch of quests to complete in time once you finished building the Deer Nest.

Deer Nest quest series 1 of 4 - A Special Deer

First in the series of quests at Deer Nest

Deer Nest quest series 2 of 4 - Deer Me

Second in the quest series at Deer Nest

Deer Nest quest series 3 of 4 - The Waiting Game

And another part of the quest series at Deer Nest

Deer Nest quest series 4 of 4 - Does On Film

And the final one of the quest serie at Deer Nest.

Deer Nest quest series reward - White-Tailed Deer

A bunch of pixels can make you feel good. Congratulations on getting the White-Tailed Deer which doesn't have a white tail.

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