Dutch Landrace Goat
Baby Dutch Landrace GoatDutch Landrace Goat
Cost Baby:Farm Bucks 98 Farm Bucks
Raise Baby Animal:Baby Bottle 4 Baby Bottles
Sell Baby:Coins 500 Coins
Sell Adult:Coins 1,000 Coins
Sell Prized:Coins 2,000 Coins
Feeds Required:Feed 10 Feed
XP Gained:Xp 29 XP
Resources:Milk Milk
Cheese Cheese
Next Feeding:Clock 1 hour
Feeding Prized
XP Gained:Xp 50 XP
Resource:Goat Cheese Goat Cheese
Next Feeding:?Clock 18 hours

The Dutch Landrace Goat is an animal available in FarmVille 2 for a limited time. The baby Dutch Landrace Goat is available as a reward for getting 175 Chili Tickets at the Chili Stand, which is obtained by completing the "Country Dance" quest in May 2013. An adult Dutch Landrace Goat produces 2 Milk Milk, 1 Cheese Cheese. The Baby takes 4Baby Bottle Baby Bottle to make it grow up.

Chili Quest May 2013

Produced ResourcesEdit

The Dutch Landrace Goat can be fed every Clock 1 hour and consumes Feed 10 Feed each time. It will produce Xp 29 XP, Milk 2 Milk and Cheese 1 Cheese.

Prized DetailsEdit

After ? Feeding Feeding the Adult Dutch Landrace Goat will become a Prized Dutch Landrace Goat. Now it can only be fed every Clock 18 hours and will produce Xp 50 XP and Goat Cheese 1 Goat Cheese. The Prized Dutch Landrace Goat can be sold for 2,000 Coins Coins.


Mastery Amount Needed for Ribbon Reward
Yellow Mastery Ribbon  ? Speed-Feed Speed-Feed
Red Mastery Ribbon 90  ? Speed-Feed Speed-Feed
Blue Mastery Ribbon 90  ? Speed-Feed Speed-Feed