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Embossed Leather Mirror

Embossed Leather Mirror Ingredients:

Fine Saddle 2 Fine Saddles
Piece of Wood 7  Pieces of Wood
Piece of Glass 3 Pieces of Glass
Horseshoe 10 Horseshoes

Requires: Xp Level 10
Sell for: Coins 5,000 Coins
Reward: Xp 32 XP

Recipe Data

When making a Embossed Leather Mirror, if you have any of the recipes below, they will be used before raw ingredients are used.

Recipe Ingredients
Leather Leather Fine Saddle 2 Fine Saddles Xp XP3
Metal Sheet Metal Sheet Horseshoe 10 Horseshoes Xp XP8

Price ingredients of Embossed Leather Mirror would fetch at market

Ingredients Sell Price
Fine Saddle 2 Fine Saddles Coins 500 Coins
Piece of Wood 7  Pieces of Wood Coins 693 Coins
Piece of Glass 3 Pieces of Glass n/a
Horseshoe 10 Horseshoes Coins 1,500 Coins
Total Market Price of Ingredients: Coins 2,693 Coins
Profit Above Market Price: Coins 2,307 Coins