Engaging Entomology


Xp XP Gained 20
Coins Coins 400

Engaging Entomology is the second goal of The Butterfly Effect Quest series from Barbara.

The Butterfly Effect 2/8
(Barbara's Quest Picture) "They're crazy for butterflies, and we have the best ones. That's a premium rate!"
[Paper Butterflies] "Collect 5 Paper Butterflies to decorate for butterfly lovers." Skip for Farm Bucks 10 Farm Bucks
Apple Tree "Harvest 4 Trees. Butterflies might be found in any tree!" Skip for Farm Bucks 3 Farm Bucks
[Daisy] "Harvest 10 Daisies!" Skip for Farm Bucks 5 Farm Bucks


  • Collect 5 Paper Butterflies
  • Harvest Apple Tree 4 Trees
  • Harvest 10 Daisies




When you complete the second goal, you will get rewarded:

Barbara full

Well Done! - (Engaging Entomology)

"Those paper butterflies look wonderful. I might leave them up year round!"

Rewards +20 Xp
+400 Coins

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