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Farm Bucks

Farm Bucks Farm Bucks are a type of currency on FarmVille 2. At the start of the game, you are given 100Farm Bucks for free. Once you have spent these, no other free farm bucks are granted. Edit

Farm Bucks can be acquired using real-world money, for instance money from creditcards, mobile phone fees and bank account withdrawal. Farm Bucks are used to buy exclusive goods, speed up actions, and to obtain items not otherwise possible. The in-game dialogue offers you the chance to "Add Farm Bucks", and does not use the more accurate word "buy".

In Farmville 2, significant quantities of gameplay are dependent on the purchase of Farm Bucks. This means the game is not really "free" or even "freemium".Sometimes it is possible to work around the need for farm bucks by instead "asking your friends" for items, but not always.

Things which you need to pay FarmBucks for include:

  • Purchasing any adult animals for your farm
  • Purchasing almost all baby animals for your farm (a few types of basic animal are available for purchase with Coins)
  • Purchasing Baby Bottles which will grow your animals into adults (using Feed does not work for this, you must purchase Baby Bottles)
  • Purchasing additional resources, e.g. SpeedGrow, Fertilizer, Power, Water
  • Purchasing specialised crafting resources which allow you to craft certain goods: for instance sugar for cakes or flasks for dyes.
  •  Purchasing special crop packets which allow you to plant certain crops for a period of 2 weeks
  •  Purchasing the more attractive ornaments for your farm. 
  • Omitting stages of missions / quests, no matter how trivial (for instance, it costs 2 FarmBucks to omit the "Zoom the camera out" step of one of the tutorial missions
  •  Buying additional items, e.g. a Piggy Bank which gives you 900 FarmBucks over a period of at least 2 and a half years, in return for 300 FarmBucks upfront

Things where you are offered a choice between paying FarmBucks and "requesting help from your friends" include:

  • "Gathering materials" to construct buildings. The materials are not otherwise available in-game, for instance, gathering Lumber from Pine Trees does not help you construct a building. Instead you must pay 1 or 2 Farm Bucks for each of 3 items, or spam your friends.
  • Constructing buildings. There is always one worker additionally needed who must be recruited from among your friends, or hired for Farm Bucks
  • Unlocking additional farm patches also involved "gathering materials" and then "recruiting friends" to clear unexpected rocks away
  • Quests from levels 10 up start to have elements including rare, uncraftable items which must be "gathered from friends", or alternatively bought

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