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Feed Feed is a consumable in FarmVille 2. It can be obtained after processing specific crops, flowers and fruits and tree products into the Feed Mill. It is mainly used to feed animals. The maximum amount of feed you can store is 25, but it can be increased by an additional 25 feed after building a Silo and by 35 by building Goat Shelter, Prized Chicken Coop or Sheep Shack

There is a glitch where you can get to negative number of Feed if you make it with the Feed Mill and you fed animals before picking it up.

The best crops that make feed are Red Peppers (19 Feed), Asparagus (18 Feed) and Raspberries (17 Feed).

Feed can also be bought with Farm Bucks Farm Bucks.

Feed Feed Feed5 Pack

Farm Bucks 1 Farm Bucks

Feedbag15 Pack

Farm Bucks 2 Farm Bucks

Feedsack25 Pack

Farm Bucks 3 Farm Bucks

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