Fertile Minds
Xp XP Gained 5
Coins Coins 400


  • Quest Scorin' Scones
  • Craft 4 lemon waters
  • Craft 2 lemonades with lemon water
  • Craft 1 strawberry lemonade to make some real money

Begin Edit

Now that you've had a taste of basic cooking, let me show you how to make a "top shelf" item that will really bring in the coins!


Use the crafting kitchen to create 4 lemon waters. You'll need water and lemons for this. Do not sell the lemon water as you'll need them to craft the lemonades

Once that is complete, use the crafting kitchen to craft 2 lemonades. You'll have to use the lemon water you just made, and some lemons. You'll need to keep one of the lemonades for the next part

Finally, create the strawberry lemonades in the kitchen. You'll need 5 strawberries and a lemonade.


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