Fine Fur
Fine Fur
Resource Information
Sell:Coins 60 Coins
Category:Deer, Buffalo, Goods
Fine Fur Fine Fur is an Animal product that is produced by prized Oaxaca White-Tailed Deer, and prized Buffalo. It can be sold at the Market Stand for Coins 60 Coins .

Recipes Including Fine Fur Edit

Recipe Ingredients Level Coins XP
Brown Horse Toy Brown Horse Toy

Fine Fur 8 Fine Fur Wool 8 Wool

Xp XP12 Coins notext Coins 2,720 Xp XP18
Fine Fur Pillow Fine Fur Pillow

Fine Fur 8 Fine Fur Brown Feather 8 Brown Feathers

Xp XP12 Coins notext Coins 2,550 Xp XP16

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