Fine Saddle
Fine Saddle
Resource Information
Requirement:Xp Level 10
Sell:Coins 250 Coins
Category:Horses, Goods
Fine Saddle Fine Saddles are an Animal product that is produced by Prized Horses. You need at least Xp Level 10 to keep Mustang Horses. Fine Saddles can be sold at the Market Stand for Coins 250 Coins or used at the workshop in recipes to create Leather Leather, Leather Pouch Leather Pouch and more.

Recipes Including Fine Saddle Edit

Recipe Ingredients Level Coins XP
Baseball Mitt Baseball Mitt Fine Saddle 8 Fine Saddles Olive 36 Olives Flask 9 Flasks Xp 150 Coins 23,150 Xp 168
Bicycle Basket Bicycle Basket Rope 4 Ropes Fine Saddle 2 Fine Saddles Xp 22 Coins 2,160 Xp 15
Bicycle Helmet Bicycle Helmet Rubber 4 Rubber Fine Saddle 2 Fine Saddles Xp 22 Coins 2,020 Xp 15
Black Orchid Wrist Corsage Black Orchid Wrist Corsage Black Orchids 8 Black Orchids Fine Saddle 12 Fine Saddles Xp 100 Coins 18,480 Xp 120
Black Swan Mask Black Swan Mask Black Feather 3 Black Feathers Fine Saddle 4 Fine Saddles Xp Coins 2,870 Xp 20
Bred Horse Statue Bred Horse Statue Fine Saddle 2250 Fine Saddles Horseshoe 2250 Horseshoes Xp Coins 909,780 Xp 4,552
Bred Horse Statue Platform Bred Horse Statue Platform Fine Saddle 150 Fine Saddles Xp Coins 24,410 Xp 124
Chicken Training Manual Chicken Training Manual Chicken Training Page 3 Chicken Training Pages Fine Saddle 2 Fine Saddles Xp Coins 21,700 Xp 5
Cowboy Boots Cowboy Boots Fine Saddle 200 Fine Saddles Xp Coins 43,670 Xp 222
Decorated Saddle Decorated Saddle Fine Saddle 5 Fine Saddles Piece of Glass 4 Pieces of Glass Xp 23 Coins 500 Xp 103
Down Jacket Down Jacket Ostrich Plume 4 Ostrich Plumes Fine Saddle 4 Fine Saddles Xp 21 Coins 3,350 Xp 22
Duck Tag Duck Tag Duck Leather Stamp 2 Duck Leather Stamps Fine Saddle 4 Fine Saddles Xp Coins 1,430 Xp 14
Embossed Leather Mirror Embossed Leather Mirror Fine Saddle 2 Fine Saddles Piece of Wood 7  Pieces of Wood Piece of Glass 3 Pieces of Glass Horseshoe 10 Horseshoes Xp 10 Coins 5,000 Xp 32
Heirloom Baseball Mitt Heirloom Baseball Mitt Fine Saddle 8 Fine Saddles Heirloom Olive 36 Heirloom Olives Flask 9 Flasks Xp 150 Coins 46,300 Xp 252
Leather Leather Fine Saddle 2 Fine Saddles Xp 10 Coins 530 Xp 3
Leather Gloves Leather Gloves Wool 8 Wool Fine Saddle 16 Fine Saddles Xp 173 Coins 13,580 Xp 79
Leather Journal Leather Journal Fine Saddle 6 Fine Saddles Wool 6 Wool Fine Wool 2 Fine Wool Xp Coins 3,300 Xp 36