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A Furnace is a Building in FarmVille 2. The player can get Power 10 Power from this building each Clock 23 hours. After placing the Furnace, some building materials are needed to finish the Building.

After that 4 Neighbors are needed to hire for constructing the Furnace.

Pictures of the furnace build processEdit

Furnace Start

Once you reached level 6, you can start building the Furnace (notice, it says collect every 4 hours here, later updates increased that time to 8 and later 23 hours)

Furnace building phase 1

Building phase 1 of the furnace requires some materials. Most of that is already provided.

Furnace building phase 2

Building phase 2 of the furnace requires you to have some neighbors to help you. Some of them are already provided.

Furnace working

Once completed, you can collect power from the furnace.

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