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Requirement:Xp Level 92
Cost:Coins 215 Coins
Water Required:Water 1 Water
Growing Time:Clock 8 hours
XP Gained:Xp 22 XP
Mastery:Yellow Mastery Ribbon 50
Red Mastery Ribbon 250
Blue Mastery Ribbon 1400
Resource:Garlic Garlic
Resource Value:Coins 562 Coins
Turn into Feed:Feed 24 Feed

Garlic is a vegetable crop available in FarmVille 2. The seeds can be bought in the General Store for Coins 215 Coins after the player has reached Xp Level 92.

After watering the plot with Water 1 Water the Garlic grows for Clock 8 hours and is ready for harvesting after that. Each harvested Garlic can be sold for Coins 562 Coins, used for Recipes such as Garlic Salsa Garlic Salsa, Garlic Bread Garlic Bread and Garlic Hummus Garlic Hummus or crushed in the Feed Mill to make Feed 24 Feed for the Animals.


Mastery Amount Needed for Ribbon
Yellow Mastery Ribbon ?
Red Mastery Ribbon ?
Blue Mastery Ribbon 4700

Harvesting BonusesEdit

  • Harvest by a visitor grants an additional Garlic.
  • Harvest of a fertilized crop grants an additional Garlic.

As a Limited CropEdit

The Garlic was originally a limited crop. Like all limited crops, it could bought in the General Store after the player has reached Xp XP Level 7. It originally cost 26 Coins Coins in the General Store, and sold for 36 Coins Coins. The Garlic took Clock 4 hours to grow, gave Xp XP 3 XP when harvested, and could be used in the Feed Mill to make 4 Feed Feed each.

Recipes Including Garlic Edit

Recipe Ingredients Level Coins XP
Garlic Bread Garlic Bread Garlic 6  Garlics Wheat 8 Wheat Water 4 Water Xp 93 Coins 65 Xp 9,510
Garlic Hummus Garlic Hummus Chickpea 12 Chickpeas Garlic 20  Garlics Milk 8 Milk Xp 99 Coins 29,090 Xp 235
Garlic Ice Cream Garlic Ice Cream Garlic 8  Garlics Milk 12 Milk Sugar 4 Sugar Xp 94 Coins 13,760 Xp 98
Garlic Salsa Garlic Salsa Garlic 12  Garlics Tomato 24  Tomatoes Xp 133 Coins 13,590 Xp 72
Roasted Garlic Roasted Garlic Garlic 10  Garlics Milk 4 Milk Xp ? Coins 6,730 Xp 37
Wilted Watercress with Garlic Wilted Watercress with Garlic Watercress 18 Watercress Cucumber 18 Cucumbers Garlic 4  Garlics Xp 92 Coins 18,550 Xp 97