Golden Fleece
Golden Fleece
Resource Information
Requirement:Xp Level 9
Sell:Coins 125 Coins
Category:Sheep, Rabbits, Goods
Golden Fleece Golden Fleece is an Animal product in FarmVille 2 which appears when players feed the Prized Sheep inside the Sheep Shack or the Prized Rabbits in the Rabbit Warren (1 Golden Fleece is granted per feed for each 4 animals in their respective buildings). Players can also receive Golden Fleece by clicking on Sheep Shacks or Rabbit Warrens on Neighbor farms, or from the activity feed. It can be sold for Coins 125 Coins at the Market Stand or used in the Workshop to make Golden Thread Golden Thread.

Players need to be on at least Xp XP Level 9 in order to build the Sheep Shack.

Important Note: Currently, the Prized Animal Barn will not produce Golden Fleece. Because this upgrade renders all Sheep Shacks and Rabbit Warrens unusable, it is not recommended to get this upgrade if Golden Fleece is still needed.

Recipes Including Golden Fleece Edit

Recipe Ingredients Level Coins XP
Golden Thread Golden Thread Golden Fleece 5 Golden Fleece Wool 6 Wool Fine Wool 2 Fine Wool Xp 9 Coins 1,390 Xp 9

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