The Gourmet Farm was Shut Down and Removed from the game on Thursday, April 5, 2018!


Gourmet farm example

Gourmet Farm - FarmVille 2

Gourmet Farm - FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 - Gourmet farm video (Yourtube)

The Gourmet farm is an extension of FarmVille 2. It is the first (1st) expansion farm and the second (2nd) farm that you can own. You had to be at level 35+ to have access to the Gourmet farm during Early Access but it is available to player at level 31+ or maybe less now that the farm is in General Release.

FarmVille 2's Description Edit

Have you ever wondered what it would be like, to craft gourmet delicacies in your private, mountain farm? Well, now you can!

The Gourmet farm is a new farm up in the mountains where you can grow new crops, make new gourmet recipes and win awesome rewards that make your home farm better!

Gourmet Crops Edit

The Gourmet Farm has different crops than the main farm. Crops consist of grapes (for wine) and cocoa beans (for chocolate).

Mulch Edit

For your crops to grow, you won’t need water as your own private waterfall keeps the soil rich and fertile. Players use Mulch Mulch, which is earned by harvesting fertilized crops on your home farm. More Mulch Mulch can be earned by visiting neighbor Gourmet Farms. Hover over the planted seeds to start using Mulch.

Credits Edit

Credits Credits is the currency used when on the Gourmet Farm. Visitors at your Gourmet Farm will give you Credits in exchange for gourmet crafts.

Reputation Edit

Reputation Points or RP RP serves as the Experience Points or Xp XP for the Gourmet farm. You will be earning Reputation Points for actions done on the Gourmet farm including visitors served. Hovering your mouse on the RP counter will show you how many RP’s are needed to level up. Earning Reputation Points will increase your Reputation level which will unlock additional seeds, recipes, boosts, and expansions

Animals Edit

The animals on the Gourmet Farm consist of Mountain Goats and Yaks. These animals produce goods such as Mountain Goat Milk Mountain Goat Milk to be used in the Cheesery.

Visiting Neighbor Farms Edit

Similar to the home farm, you will also be able to visit the Gourmet Farms of your neighbors. You will be able to do several actions such as feed animals, harvesting crops, and much more. By being such a great helper, you will receive Mulch and Reputation Points as rewards!