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Hen House
Hen House
HullyschlumpfAdded by Hullyschlumpf

Upon reaching Xp Level 7 a player will receive an offer from Walter to build a Hen House, along with a limited-time mission chain for extra Xp XP and Coins Coins Coins.

After placing the Hen House, some building materials are needed to finish the Building.

After that 4 Neighbors are needed to hire for constructing the Hen House.

Exotic Egg Production Edit

Once the Hen House is been built and there are at least 3 adult chicken they give in addition to Egg Egg and Fertilizer Fertilizer some eggpoints towards the hen house eggcount after being fed. As soon as the egg counting Bar reaches 25, the Hen House can be clicked to get Xp 10 XP and Egg 3 Eggs to Egg 6 Eggs.

Hen House
70%Egg 3 Eggs
15%Egg 4 Eggs
10%Egg 5 Eggs
5%Egg 6 Eggs

The player yields an Exotic Egg as long as there are at least 5 chickens. Prized chickens do not count towards this limit, so if too many of your chickens turn prized, then you won't be able to complete this mission until you buy more chickens. It's almost like the game is forcing you to spend FarmBucks on things to progress. If there are less than 5 chickens the player will not be able to harvest the hen house.

Exotic Egg
65%Uncommon Exotic Egg Uncommon Exotic Egg
25%Rare Exotic Egg Rare Exotic Egg
10%Ultra Rare Exotic Egg Ultra Rare Exotic Egg

When the Exotic Egg Collection, consisting of Uncommon Exotic Egg 2 Uncommon Exotic Eggs, Rare Exotic Egg 2 Rare Exotic Eggs and Ultra Rare Exotic Egg 1 Ultra Rare Exotic Egg is completed, the player receives the exclusive chicken, the Polish Silver Laced Chicken.

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