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Hen House

Hen House

Upon reaching Xp Level 5 a player will receive an offer from Walter to build a Hen House, along with a limited-time mission chain for extra Xp  XP and Coins Coins Coins.

After placing the Hen House, some building materials are needed to finish the Building.

After that 4 Neighbors are needed to hire for constructing the Hen House.

Exotic Egg Production Edit

As long as players have at least 3 adults chickens on the farm, the Hen House can be clicked every 24 hours to get Xp 10 XP and Egg 3 Eggs to Egg 6 Eggs.

Hen House
70%Egg 3 Eggs
15%Egg 4 Eggs
10%Egg 5 Eggs
5%Egg 6 Eggs

The player yields an Exotic Egg as long as there are at least 3 chickens. Prized chickens do not count towards this limit.. If there are less than 3 adult chickens the player will not be able to harvest the hen house until more are raised.

Exotic Egg
65%Uncommon Exotic Egg Uncommon Exotic Egg
25%Rare Exotic Egg Rare Exotic Egg
10%Ultra Rare Exotic Egg Ultra Rare Exotic Egg

When the Exotic Egg Collection, consisting of Uncommon Exotic Egg 2 Uncommon Exotic Eggs, Rare Exotic Egg 2 Rare Exotic Eggs and Ultra Rare Exotic Egg 1 Ultra Rare Exotic Egg is completed, the player receives the exclusive chicken, the Polish Silver Laced Chicken.

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