Hey, Batter, Batter
Hey, Batter, Batter
Xp XP Gained 4
Coins Coins 400


  • Quest Cooking with Gas
  • Make 4 flour in your crafting kitchen
  • Make 4 batter using flour and eggs
  • Sell 4 lemon waters

Begin Edit

The pastry shop in the village just had a huge run on scones.They need an emergency delivery of batter right away!

Hey, Batter, Batter - BeginEdit


This quest is quite straightforward.

First, you have to make 4 flour in your crafting kitchen. For every flour you make, you will need 4 wheat. As you need 4 flour, you'll need 16 wheat in total. After you make this flour, do not sell it, you'll need flour to make your batter.

After that, you'll need to make some batter. You'll need one flour and 3 eggs for every batter you make. This is where your flour comes in handy. So in total, you['ll need 12 eggs, and 4 flour. After you make the batter, make sure you don't sell it, as you'll need it for the next quest!

Finally, you'll need to sell 4 lemon waters. To make lemon waters, you need 2 lemons for every one water to produce. After that, just sell the lemon waters at the market stand


"Congratulations!" Hay, Batter, Batter. Who knows? Maybe soon, you can open a lemonade stand!

Hey, Batter, Batter - Reward

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