Lemon Lavender Scones

Lemon Lavender Scones Ingredients:

Rye 4 Rye
Egg 29 Eggs
Lavender 6 Lavender
Lemon 25 Lemons

Power Needed: Power 3 Power
Requires: Xp Level 40
Sell for: Coins 7,030 Coins
Reward: Xp 41 XP

Recipe Data

When making a Lemon Lavender Scones, if you have any of the recipes below, they will be used before raw ingredients are used.

Recipe Ingredients
Lemon Curd Lemon Curd Lemon 25 Lemons Egg 15 Eggs Xp XP13
Lavender Batter Lavender Batter Rye 4 Rye Egg 14 Eggs Lavender 6 Lavender Xp XP21
Rye Batter Rye Batter Rye 4 Rye Egg 14 Eggs Xp XP10
Rye Flour Rye Flour Rye 4 Rye Xp XP4

Price ingredients of Lemon Lavender Scones would fetch at market

Ingredients Sell Price
Rye 4 Rye Coins 440 Coins
Egg 29 Eggs Coins 1,740 Coins
Lavender 6 Lavender Coins 1,602 Coins
Lemon 25 Lemons Coins 425 Coins
Total Market Price of Ingredients: Coins 4,207 Coins
Profit Above Market Price: Coins 2,823 Coins