Lemon Madeleines


Xp XP Gained 20
Coins Coins 400

Lemon Madeleines is the third goal of The Butterfly Effect Quest series from Barbara.

The Butterfly Effect 3/8
(Barbara's Quest Picture) "If you're looking for butterflies in trees, let's make good use of the fruit!"
Lemon Tree "Harvest 2 Lemon Trees for fresh lemons." Skip for Farm Bucks 3 Farm Bucks
[Lemon Madeleine] "Make 1 Lemon Madeleine. Delicious!" Skip for Farm Bucks 3 Farm Bucks
Pickup Truck "Visit and help at Barbara's B&B 5 times." Skip for Farm Bucks 5 Farm Bucks


  • Harvest Lemon Tree 2 Lemon Trees.
  • Make 1 Lemon Madeleine.
  • Visit and help Pickup Truck at Barbara's B&B.


The Lemon Madeleine, created in the Kitchen , requires 2 Batter and 12 Lemons .


When you complete the third goal, you will get rewarded:

Barbara full

Sweet! - (Lemon Madeleines)

"Wow, that's a a tasty Lemon Madeline! Did you find any butterflies?"

Rewards +20 Xp
+400 Coins

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