Leporidae Malificus
Baby witch rabbitWitch rabbit
Requirement:Xp XP Level 5
Cost Baby:Farm Bucks 19 Farm Bucks
Feeds Required:Feed 6 Feed
Resources:Wool Wool
Next Feeding:Clock 1 Hours
Feeding Prized
Resource:Fine Wool Fine Wool
Next Feeding:?Clock 18 hours

The Leporidae Malificus is an animal available in FarmVille 2 for a limited time in September 2012 during the Halloween related Monster Mayhem event. The Leporidae Malificus is a grey rabbit with a purple witch hat on its head and a purple skirt when adult/prized. The name is Latin for "wicked rabbit." The baby Leporidae Malificus was available to be bought for Farm Bucks 19 Farm Bucks, the adult Leporidae Malificus required Farm Bucks 32 Farm Bucks. It takes ? Baby Bottle Baby Bottle to reach adulthood.

Produced ResourcesEdit

The Leporidae Malificus can be fed every Clock 1 hour, and consumes Feed 6 Feed each time. It will produce Wool 5 Wool and sometimes ? Fertilizer Fertilizer.

Adult Leporidae Malificus
?%5 Wool Wool
? Fertilizer Fertilizer
?%? Wool Wool

Prized DetailsEdit

After ? Feeding Feeding the Adult Leporidae Malificus will become a Prized Leporidae Malificus. Now it can only be fed every Clock 18 hours and will produce ? Xp  XP and Fine Wool 1 Fine Wool. The Prized Leporidae Malificus can be sold for ? Coins Coins.

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