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Mango Tree
Mango Tree
Requirement: Xp  Level 20 and the Mango Gardens expansion
Cost: Coins  1,800 Coins
Sell: Coins  90 Coins
Water Required: Water  3 Water
Growing Time:Clock 2 hours
XP Gained: Xp  10 XP
Resource: Mango  Mango

The Mango Tree is a tree available in FarmVille 2. The Mango Gardens expansion is needed to unlock this tree. Furthermore Xp  Level 20 is required for the Mango Gardens expansion. The Mango Tree requires Water  3 Water and Clock 2 Hours to become fully grown tree and to be bearing Mango  Mangos, which can be harvested.

A Mango  Mango can be sold for Coins  98 Coins or crushed for Feed  5 Feeds in the Feed Mill.

Trees, unlike seeds, cannot wither.

Produced ResourcesEdit

Mango Tree Harvest
50% Mango  2 Mangos
30% Mango  3 Mangos
15% Mango  5 Mangos
5% Mango  10 Mangos
  • Harvest from a visitor grants an additional Mango  Mango.
  • Harvest of a fertilized tree grants an additional Mango  Mango.
  • Harvest of a tree in a grove with three other mango trees grants an additional Mango  Mango per tree.
  • So to sum up: Harvesting of a fertilized tree by a visitor from a grove with four mango trees grants up to Mango  13 Mangos per tree. This requires the visitor to have 4 actions to complete per grove.

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