Mud Droplet
Mud Droplet
Resource Information
Requirement:Xp Level 10
Sell:Coins (null) Coins
Mud Droplet Mud Droplet is an Animal product in FarmVille 2 that can be received from Pigs as long as there is a Mud Wallow. When being fed, pigs produce as many Mud Droplet Mud Droplets as they produce Mud Mud. The Droplets can not be sold but they are used in the Mud Wallow to fill it, which in turn can churn out a Chunk Of Clay Chunk of Clay and a (chance of) antique coins for the antique coin collection to get Black Pink Spotted Ossabaw Pig.

Players need to be on at least Xp XP Level 10 in order to construct the Mud Wallow.