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Mud Wallow

Mud Wallow

A Mud Wallow is a Building in FarmVille 2.

After placing the Mud Wallow, some building materials are needed to finish the Building.

After that 4 Neighbors are needed to hire for constructing the Mud Wallow.

Visual presentation of the build process can be seen here

Antique Coin Production Edit

Once the Mud Wallow has been built, it will start working once there are 4 adult (not baby, nor prized) pigs in your farm. After Mud Droplet 18 Mud Droplets, the Mud Wallow can be clicked to get Xp 10 XP and 3 to 6 Chunk Of Clay Chunk of Clay:

Mud Wallow
70%Chunk Of Clay 3 Chunk of Clay
15%Chunk Of Clay 4 Chunk of Clay
10%Chunk Of Clay 5 Chunk of Clay
5%Chunk Of Clay 6 Chunk of Clay

The player yields one Antique Coin as long as there are at least 4 adult pigs (prized pigs are not taken into account). If there are fewer than 4 then the Mud Wallow will not work. The Antique Coin can be a Bronze, Silver or Gold one. The chances of getting a Gold coin change depending on how many adult pigs you have. You have to have at least 8 adult pigs for the maximum chance to get a Gold Coin.

Antique Coin
65%Bronze Antique Coin Bronze Antique Coin
25%Silver Antique Coin Silver Antique Coin
10%Golden Antique Coin Golden Antique Coin

If the Antique Coin Collection consisting of Bronze Antique Coin 6 Bronze Antique Coins, Silver Antique Coin 4 Silver Antique Coins and Golden Antique Coin 2 Golden Antique Coins is completed, the player wins the exclusive Spotted Hog, which in fact is a Black Pink Spotted Ossabaw Pig.

Mud Droplet Production Edit

Each pig produces a different number of Mud Droplet Mud Droplet

Pigs Mud Droplets Pigs Mud Droplets
Black Pink Spotted Ossabaw Pig Black Pink Spotted
Ossabaw Pig(a.k.a. Spotted Hog)
0 Mud Droplet Landrace Pig Pink Landrace Pig 3 Mud Droplet
Hampshire Pig Hampshire Pig 5 Mud Droplet Pot-Bellied Pig Pot-Bellied Pig 2 Mud Droplet
Hereford Pig Hereford Pig 5 Mud Droplet Yorkshire Pig Yorkshire Pig 2 to 4 Mud Droplet
Ossabaw Island Hog Ossabaw Island Hog 5 Mud Droplet

Pictures of the Mud Wallow build processEdit

Mud Wallow start

Once you hit level 10, you get access to the Mud Wallow.

Mud Wallow building phase 1

Building phase 1 of the Mud Wallow requires some materials. You get 9 of them up front.

Mud Wallow building phase 2

Second phase of building the Mud Wallow requires help of neighbors. 2 are already provided.

Mud Wallow working

Once finished, the Mud Wallow will be able to generate Antique Coins.

Mud Wallow in action

Once you harvest the Mud Wallow, you get an Antique Coin provided you have enough adult pigs on your farm. Otherwise you only have a chance of getting them.

Mud Wallow building reward Spotted Hog

And once you filled the Mud Wallow's Antique Coin Collection you will be awarded with the Black Pink Spotted Ossabaw Pig. This so far (march 2013) is the only animal capable of making Shale Mud Shale Mud

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