Peacock's Plume Feather
Peacock's Plume Feather
Resource Information
Sell:Coins 150 Coins
Peacock's Plume Feather Peacock's Plume Feather is an Animal Product that is harvested from Prized Peacocks such as the Prized Indian Peacock. It can be sold for Coins 150 Coins at the Market Stand and can be used in the Workshop to make the Fancy Feather Fan Fancy Feather Fan and the Fancy Quill Pen Fancy Quill Pen.

Recipes Including Peacock's Plume Feather Edit

Recipe Ingredients Level Coins XP
Antler Wreath Antler Wreath

Antler 4 Antlers Peacock's Plume Feather 6 Peacock's Plume Feathers

Xp XP7 Coins notext Coins 2,520 Xp XP16
Fancy Feather Fan Fancy Feather Fan

Black Feather 5 Black Feathers Peacock's Plume Feather 5 Peacock's Plume Feathers

Xp XP Coins notext Coins 2,530 Xp XP16
Fancy Quill Pen Fancy Quill Pen

Pheasant Quill 6 Pheasant Quills Peacock's Plume Feather 4 Peacock's Plume Feathers

Xp XP20 Coins notext Coins 2,510 Xp XP16

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