Resource Information
Requirement:Xp Level 15
Sell:Coins 41 Coins
Turn into Feed:Feed 4 Feed
Category:Trees, Fruits

Pear is a Fruit in FarmVille 2 that can be harvested from Pear Trees and sold at the Market Stand for Coins 41 Coins or crushed in the Feed Mill to make Feed 4 Feed for the Animals. It is also used in Recipes such as Pear Tart Pear Tart .

Recipes Including Pear Edit

Recipe Ingredients Level Coins XP
Pear Tart Pear Tart Rye 12 Rye Pear 12 Pears Xp 35 Coins 3,540 Xp 22
Vanilla Pear Jam Vanilla Pear Jam Vanilla Bean 60 Vanilla Beans Pear 4 Pears Xp Coins 19,760 Xp 166