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Polish Red Egg
Polish Red Egg
Resource Information
Requirement:Xp Level 5
Sell:Coins 120 Coins
Category:Chicken, Goods

Polish Red Egg Polish Red Eggs is an Animal product in FarmVille 2, can only be gathered from adult Polish Silver Laced Chickens. Polish Red Eggs sell for Coins 120 Coins at the Market Stand.

Players must be at least Xp Level 5 in order to build the Hen House and win the Polish Silver Laced Chicken.

Kitchen Standard Recipes Edit

Carton of Red Eggs

Carton of Red Eggs Ingredients:

Red Egg 6 Red Eggs

Requires: Xp Level 8
Sell for: Coins 1,100 Coins
Reward: Xp 7 XP

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