Prized Crops
Prized Crops
Xp XP Gained ?
Coins Coins ?



Plant 10 EggplantsEdit

Fertilize 5 cropsEdit

Harvest 1 prized cropEdit


Start a Discussion Discussions about Prized Crops

  • prized water crop

    2 messages
    • how can I collect prized water crop?
    • Same as normal crop, they drop by chance when you harvest normal crop.
  • Harvest 1 prized crop

    3 messages
    • Click on it? The same way you harvest normal crop, only with that difference that the prized crop is laying on the field while the normal c...
    • 1) Plant crop 2) Water crop 3) Fertilize crop (very important!!) 4) Harvest crop and cross your fingers in the hope you get lucky.

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