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Purple Dragon Carrot
Purple Dragon Carrot
Requirement:Xp Level 7
Packet Cost:Farm Bucks 15 Farm Bucks
Cost:Coins 50 Coins
Water Required:Water 1 Water
Growing Time:Clock 8 hours
XP Gained:Xp 8 XP
Mastery:Yellow Mastery Ribbon 50
Red Mastery Ribbon 250
Blue Mastery Ribbon 1400
Resource:Purple Dragon Carrot Purple Dragon Carrot
Resource Value:Coins 174 Coins
Turn into Feed:Feed 14 Feed

Purple Dragon Carrot is a vegetable crop in FarmVille 2 and is only available until 2013, May 19. The packet can be bought in the General Store for Farm Bucks 15 Farm Bucks and can be used for 2 weeks. During that 2 weeks, the crops will cost Coins 50 Coins after the player has reached Xp Level 7.

After watering the plot with Water 1 Water the Purple Dragon Carrot grows for Clock 8 hours and is ready for harvesting after that. Each harvested Purple Dragon Carrot can be sold for Coins 174 Coins, used for Recipes such as Glazed Purple Dragon Carrots Glazed Purple Dragon Carrots, Purple Dragon Carrot Smoothie Purple Dragon Carrot Smoothie and Purple Dragon Carrot Cake Purple Dragon Carrot Cake or crushed in the Feed Mill to make Feed 14 Feed for the Animals.


Mastery Amount Needed for Ribbon
Yellow Mastery Ribbon 150
Red Mastery Ribbon 900
Blue Mastery Ribbon 3900

Harvesting BonusesEdit

100%Purple Dragon Carrot
  • Harvest by a visitor grants an additional Purple Dragon Carrot.
  • Harvest of a fertilized crop grants an additional Purple Dragon Carrot.

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