Rooster Coop

The Rooster Coop is an Adoption Quest from June 14th, 2016 to July 15, 2016. The quest consists of three stages. If players can complete all three stages within the limited amount of time, they will receive a Rooster, which adds 10 Water  Water to the player's capacity for 28 days.

Stage 1:Edit


The first stage consists of players using Baby Bottle Baby Bottle to raise sets of five chickens to adults. Chicks take 1 - 5 Baby Bottle Baby Bottle to raise. When the chicken reaches adulthood, players are given a prize. Prizes include Power, Speed-Grow Speed-Grow, Fertilizer Fertilizer, Water  Water, and Super Feed Super Feed. Chickens that require more Bottles gives more prizes. After each chicken is raised, an egg is collected. Sometimes players will get extra eggs. After nine eggs are collected, the stage is complete.

Stage 2:Edit


Players must help the chicken get to her egg. To do this, players must harvest crops or feed and raise animals in order to fill a tuning fork that will attract worms. When the tuning fork is filled, the worms will be summoned, and the chicken will come closer. When the chicken reaches the egg, the stage is completed.

Stage 3:Edit


Players must complete tasks from a set of six to get feed for the rooster chick. These tasks include watering, fertilizing, or harvesting crops, crafting items, or collecting items by posting for them. Once 300 feed has been collected, the player is rewarded with the Rooster.

This stage is the hardest one, as tasks often require about 98 crafts or hundreds of crops. Tasks can be skipped using Cash Farmbucks.

The RoosterEdit

Upon completing the third stage, the Rooster will grow to an adult, but stay in its coop. The player will now be able to carry more water for Clock 28 days. The maximum amount of Water  Water that regenerates automatically will go up from 30 to 40.

Players can extend the Rooster's stay for Cash 15 Farmbucks.

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