Seeds-icon Seeds

Cost:Coins 32 Coins
Water Required:Water 1 Water
Growing Time:Clock 4 hours
XP Gained:Xp 3 XP
Resource:Rutabaga Rutabaga
Resource Value:Coins 46 Coins
Turn into Feed:Feed 5 Feed

Rutabagas are vegetable crops in FarmVille 2 and is only available until 31st December 2012. The seeds can be bought in the General Store for Coins 32 Coins .

After watering the plot with Water 1 Water the Rutabagas grow for Clock 4 hours and are ready for harvesting after that. Each harvested Rutabaga can be sold for Coins 46 Coins , crushed in the Feed Mill to make Feed 5 Feed for the Animals, or used for Recipes such as Template:Rutabaga Bisque or crushed in the Feed Mill to make Feed 5 Feed for the Animals.


Mastery Amount Needed for Ribbon
Yellow Mastery Ribbon
Red Mastery Ribbon
Blue Mastery Ribbon

Harvesting BonusesEdit

  • Harvest by a visitor grants an additional Rutabaga.
  • Harvest of a fertilized crop grants an additional Rutabaga.

Other AppearancesEdit

Rutabagas were brought back in January 2017 for the second Rooster Coop. This time, it took Clock 6 hours to grow, and was used to make the Swede Booster Bottle.

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