Scorin' Scones
Scorin' Scones
Xp XP Gained 5
Coins Coins 400


Begin Edit

The pastry shop thought you batter was amazing! They are curious if you would like to be their scones supplier too. Want to try baking? "Let's cook!"


This quest is quite straightforward.

First, all you have to plant 10 wheat. You don't actually have to water the wheat quite yet, though you might as well since you've already planted them.

Then, you have to harvest 2 apple trees. As simple as this is, it might take up some of your time as apples respawn on trees every 4 hours.

Finally, you have to use the cottage to bake a single apple scone. This is where the batter you made earlier will come in handy. To craft an apple scone, you will need 6 apples and 1 batter.


"Delicious!"  "Your scones look and smell delicious! You should sell them and see what else the villagers what to eat!"

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