Silkie Chicken
Baby Silkie ChickenSilkie Chicken
Requirement:Limited Time
Cost Baby:Farm Bucks 19 Farm Bucks
Raise Baby Animal:Baby Bottle 6 Baby Bottles
Sell Baby:Coins 4,750 Coins
Sell Adult:Coins 9,500 Coins
Sell Prized:Coins 19,000 Coins
Mastery:Yellow Mastery Ribbon ?
Red Mastery Ribbon 100
Blue Mastery Ribbon ?
Feeds Required:Feed 6 Feed
XP Gained:Xp 14 XP
Resources:Egg Egg
Next Feeding:Clock 15 Minutes
Feeding until Prized:Feeding 100 Feedings
Feeding Prized
XP Gained:Xp 95 XP
Resource:Brown Egg Brown Egg
Next Feeding:?Clock 18 hours

The Silkie Chicken is an animal available in FarmVille 2. It is based on the real world chicken, and only available for a limited time.

It can be bought as from the market as adult for Farm Bucks 32 Farm Bucks or as baby for Farm Bucks 19 Farm Bucks. The Baby Silkie Chicken becomes Adult after being fed with Baby Bottle 6 Baby Bottles.

Produced ResourcesEdit

The Adult Silkie Chicken can be fed every Clock 15 minutes, and consumes Feed 6 Feed each time. When it is fed, it produces Xp 14 XP and three or five Egg Eggs, which can be collected and then sold for Coins 60 Coins each or used in recipes.

Adult Silkie Chicken
?%Egg 3 Eggs
Fertilizer 2 Fertilizers
?%Egg 5 Eggs

Prized DetailsEdit

After Feeding 100 Feedings the Adult Silkie Chicken will become a Prized Silkie Chicken. Now it can only be fed every Clock 18 hours and will produce Xp 95 XP and Brown Egg 2 Brown Eggs. The Prized Chicken can be sold for Coins 19,000 Coins.

Mastery Amount Needed for Ribbon
Yellow Mastery Ribbon 65
Red Mastery Ribbon 100
Blue Mastery Ribbon 290