Soup It Up
Soup It Up
Xp XP Gained 2
Coins Coins 50



Use the plot tool to place 3 new plotsEdit

In order to complete this task you will need room on your farm to allow 3 additional plots. If you don't have enough room, you may want to consider an expansion. To place 3 new plots click the Tools button in the lower right of your screen. Then click the Plot tool, and place 3 new plots where ever the cursor is highlighted blue. Once these plots are placed the task will be completed.

Plant 4 TomatoesEdit

In order to complete this task you must purchase and plant 4 tomatoes on any empty plots on your farm. Once you place the 4 tomatoes the task will be complete.

Water 4 TomatoesEdit

In order to complete this task you will need 4 water. You can get water by a well if you have one, asking your friends, or by waiting for the regeneraton timer. Water will regenerate by one every three minutes. Once you have at least 4 water, simply water the 4 Tomatoes you planted in the previous task. They will be ready to harvest one minute from the time they were watered.

Soup It Up Reward

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