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Speed-Feed instantly re-feeds your animal hungry so you don't have to wait to feed them again. Giving one speed feed instantly feeds the animal, so you get the animal produce as a reward without using any normal feed.

This way you can get an adult animal quickly to it's prized version if you choose to do so :D.

How to get it?Edit

  • When placing a ribbon mastery of a specific kind of animal, you are rewarded speed-feed for placing the mastery sign. The below table shows how much for each ribbon.
  • Some quests reward you speed-feed.
  • You can also obtain speed-feed by using Farm Bucks Farm Bucks.
Speed-Feed Speed-Feed Speed-Feed2 Pack

Farm Bucks 4 Farm Bucks

SuperFeedBag closed-110 Pack

Farm Bucks 14 Farm Bucks

SpeedFeed bucket-125 Pack

Farm Bucks 28 Farm Bucks

Mastery Amount speed-feed granted for each ribbon
Yellow Mastery Ribbon 4
Red Mastery Ribbon 6
Blue Mastery Ribbon 10

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