Spun Yarn
Spun Yarn
Resource Information
Requirement:Xp Level 8
Sell:Coins 85 Coins
Category:Sheep, Rabbits

A Spun Yarn is a Good made by the Spinning Wheel. There it is produced from Spinning Wool Spinning Wool which can be harvested from adult Sheep and Rabbits. It can be sold for Coins 85 Coins at the Market Stand.

Players must be on Xp XP Level 8 to build the Spinning Wheel.

Recipes Including Spun Yarn Edit

Recipe Ingredients Level Coins XP
Bouquet of Orange Yarn Flowers Bouquet of Orange Yarn Flowers

Wool 14 Wool Fine Wool 2 Fine Wool Pumpkin 8 Pumpkins Spun Yarn 8 Spun Yarn

Xp XP9 Coins notext Coins 3,350 Xp XP24
Burlap Table Runner Burlap Table Runner

Burlap Sheet 6 Burlap Sheets Spun Yarn 6 Spun Yarn

Xp XP15 Coins notext Coins 2,490 Xp XP16
Clay Top Clay Top

Shale Mud 8 Shale Mud Water 2 Water Spun Yarn 4 Spun Yarn

Xp XP35 Coins notext Coins 500 Xp XP147
Conical Hat Conical Hat

Cattail 10 Cattails Strawberry 26 Strawberries Spun Yarn 40 Spun Yarn

Xp XP153 Coins notext Coins 26,550 Xp XP144
Red Yarn Spindle Red Yarn Spindle

Empty Spool 3 Empty Spools Strawberry 7 Strawberries Spun Yarn 5 Spun Yarn

Xp XP9 Coins notext Coins 990 Xp XP9

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