Tomato Seizin'
Tomato Seizin'
Xp XP Gained 5
Coins Coins 400


  • Quest Juicing It
  • Craft 4 Tomato Paste
  • Craft 2 Broth
  • Craft 1 Tomato Soup


"A family restaurant in town, The Red Windmill, needs some soup in a jiffy! If you can whip it up quickly, they'll even give you a trophy!" "I Can Do It!"


After you've finished making tomato pastes, you'll need to make tomato soup, by combining some onions with the tomato pastes.Onions are pretty time consuming as they take 12 hours to grow, and you'll need 12 to make 2 broths.


"Amazing!"  "The chef of the Red Windmill send this windmill trophy over! Well done! Don't forget to sell the soup to them!"  

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