During the Tutorial you have to:

  1. Harvest Tomato 4 Tomatoes.
  2. Water Tomato 4 Tomatoes.
  3. Buy Tomato 4 Tomatoes.
  4. Plant Tomato 4 Tomatoes.
  5. Water Tomato 4 Tomatoes.
  6. Grab Feed 3 Feed from Marie.
  7. Feed a Chicken.
  8. Grab an Egg Egg from a Chicken.
  9. Feed a Wild Goat (Red Goat).
  10. Grab Milk Milk + Cheese Cheese from Red Goat.
  11. Invite some Friends to FarmVille 2.
  12. Sell the Egg Egg and some Milk Milk to the Market Stand.
  13. Grab Coins 145 Coins .
  14. Clear the Lemon Tree Field.
  15. Expand it for Coins 175 Coins .
  16. Grab Water  Water.

Vittles for Your LittlesEdit

This first Quest is included in the Tutorial.

  1. Make Feed 4 Feed from Tomatoes.
  2. Feed 1 Chicken.
  3. Rewards Xp 2 XP + Coins 50 Coins .

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