Resource Information
Requirement:Xp Level 32
Sell:Coins 255 Coins
Turn into Feed:Feed 7 Feed
Category:Trees, Nuts

Walnut is a Nut in FarmVille 2 that can be harvested from Walnut Trees and sold at the Market Stand for Coins 255 Coins or crushed in the Feed Mill to make Feed 7 Feed for the Animals. It is also used in Recipes such as Glazed Walnut Scones Glazed Walnut Scones , Walnut Batter Walnut Batter and Walnut Stuffed Dates Walnut Stuffed Dates.

Recipes Including Walnut Edit

Recipe Ingredients Level Coins XP
Breakfast Bar Breakfast Bar

Agave 8 Agaves Quinoa 10 Quinoa Egg 5 Eggs Brown Egg 5 Brown Eggs Walnut 10 Walnuts

Xp XP67 Coins notext Coins 18,690 Xp XP207
Glazed Walnut Scones Glazed Walnut Scones

Rye 4 Rye Egg 14 Eggs Walnut 8 Walnuts Sugar 3 Sugar

Xp XP39 Coins notext Coins 5,720 Xp XP73
Walnut Batter Walnut Batter

Egg 14 Eggs Walnut 8 Walnuts Rye 4 Rye

Xp XP39 Coins notext Coins 4,020 Xp XP24
Walnut Date Bread Walnut Date Bread

Date 16 Dates Walnut 2 Walnuts Water 2 Water Wheat 4 Wheat

Xp XP87 Coins notext Coins 17,850 Xp XP96
Walnut Dough Walnut Dough

Water 2 Water Walnut 2 Walnuts Wheat 4 Wheat

Xp XP87 Coins notext Coins 1,290 Xp XP10
Walnut Pinwheel Walnut Pinwheel

Soybean 12 Soybeans Walnut 4 Walnuts Egg 10 Eggs Brown Egg 10 Brown Eggs

Xp XP54 Coins notext Coins 8,980 Xp XP52
Walnut Stuffed Dates Walnut Stuffed Dates

Walnut 6 Walnuts Date 8 Dates Lemon 12 Lemons Milk 2 Milk Sugar 2 Sugar

Xp XP63 Coins notext Coins 8,560 Xp XP47

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