Resource Information
Requirement:Xp Level 8
Sell:Coins 85 Coins
Category:Cows, Goats, Goods
Yogurt Yogurt is a good made by the Yogurt Creamery from Milk Droplet 30 Milk Dropletes. These Droplets can be harvested from cows and goats. A Yogurt can be sold for Coins 85 Coins at the Market Stand.

Players must be Xp Level 8 in order to build the Yogurt Creamery.

Recipes Including Yogurt Edit

Recipe Ingredients Level Coins XP
Bunny Yogurt Treat Bunny Yogurt Treat

Yogurt 6 Yogurt Pumpkin 8 Pumpkins

Xp XP12 Coins notext Coins 0 Xp XP5
Loganberry Yogurt Loganberry Yogurt

Loganberry 12 Loganberrys Yogurt 8 Yogurt

Xp XP10 Coins notext Coins 5,130 Xp XP27
Pepino Melon Boats Pepino Melon Boats

Pepino Melon 10 Pepino Melons Yogurt 4 Yogurt Strawberry 7 Strawberries

Xp XP8 Coins notext Coins 2,500 Xp XP21
Strawberry Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt

Strawberry 7 Strawberries Yogurt 4 Yogurt

Xp XP8 Coins notext Coins 920 Xp XP6
Strawberry Yogurt Filling Strawberry Yogurt Filling

Sugar 3 Sugar Yogurt 4 Yogurt Strawberry 7 Strawberries

Xp XP8 Coins notext Coins 1,770 Xp XP10
Strawberry Yogurt Pie Strawberry Yogurt Pie

Sugar 3 Sugar Yogurt 4 Yogurt Strawberry 7 Strawberries Wheat 8 Wheat Milk 2 Milk

Xp XP8 Coins notext Coins 3,150 Xp XP21
Sweetleaf Strawberry Fool Sweetleaf Strawberry Fool

Sweetleaf 10 Sweetleaves Strawberry 7 Strawberries Yogurt 4 Yogurt

Xp XP7 Coins notext Coins 2,480 Xp XP21

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